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Outer Banks Water Softener Installation - Platinum Plumbing

The water is classified as hard or soft, depending upon the number of minerals and their amount present in it. If the water contains ions of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, etc., then it is termed as hard water. The hard water can cause blockages of pipes, by depositing lime scales in them. The chemical properties of hard water prevents easy dissolution of soap and detergents, which leads to wastage of money. Water softening devices, also referred to as, ion exchangers soften the hard water by replacing the calcium and magnesium ions in it with sodium or potassium ions during water ionization. You may prefer to install an electromagnetic water softener.


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Before you begin, you need to identify where the main water pipe enters you house, as this will dictate where you install your softener in order to treat all the water that enters your property. The installation position that you choose needs to be near a waste pipe or drain as all the waste materials which build up during the softening process periodically need to be flushed out. You must also ensure that this is near a power socket, as the softener needs a power supply to work. Your water supply will be turned off during the water softener installation, so be sure that you know how to do this.

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