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Outer Banks Residential Plumbing Services - Platinum Plumbing, Inc.

Whether you have an emergency or need a plumbing inspection, our plumbers have the expertise to handle any residential or commercial situation. We offer North Carolina State licensed plumbing services for residents throughout the Outer Banks. Call us when you need a small plumbing repair or a large remodel project, anytime day or night.

  • Water service repairs or replacement
  • Bathtubs and showers
  • Filters, water softeners, and R.O. systems
  • Solar water heater and pool heaters
  • Natural gas and propane piping
  • Bathroom lavatories and faucets
  • Sewer and drain cleaning and replacement
  • Kitchen sinks, faucets, disposers, insta-hot and chill water dispensers
  • Toilets, including Ultra-Low flush and Dual-Flush technology 
  • Washing machine piping
  • Water heaters, including tankless and heat
  • Plumbing fixtures and faucets of every pump style and finish


Ask the Plumber, Plumber Basic

Have you ever flushed a toilet and had water overflow onto the floor, taken a shower in a foot of standing water, or worse yet, have what you flushed down the toilet come up in another drain? If you said yes to any of these, you are not alone. Your problem is a clogged drain line.

Platinum Plumbing provides residential drain cleaning services. Whether it's a small drain for an individual fixture, a toilet, a floor drain, or the entire sewer, we’ve got the right equipment and the skills to do the job. Your drain will be a smooth passageway for water.

Cleaning your drains isn’t our only forte. We can also repair or replace your water or sewer lines to correct a number of problems, including …

Our Capabilities