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Outer Banks Gas Piping - Platinum Plumbing

  • Do not turn any gas appliances on and immediately call your gas company to ask for assistance in turning your gas off. If you know where to turn the gas off you should do so immediately!   If you cannot turn your gas off, immediately leave the home and leave some doors and windows open to allow for the gas to dissipate as you wait for assistance to turn the gas off!
  • Call Platinum Plumbing from a safe location so we can get there and help you correct the situation as soon as possible!

A gas leak can be a major danger in your home and cause injury and death if left unattended. If you've detected a gas leak in your house or place of business, Stewart Plumbing, Inc. can effectively stop the leak and restore your systems to safe working order.  In the modern home of today, a gas leak can stem from a variety of sources. As many major appliances make use of gas, the source of the leak must be traced from the gas main onward. Stewart Plumbing, Inc.'s technicians will find all leaks and successfully stop them wherever they occur.  If you've detected a gas leak, don't wait. Call Platinum Plumbing, Inc. today for complete gas line leak repair!


 Gas Line Installations

Gas line installations should only be provided by trained installers of gas piping. We take careful consideration of our customers safety when we provide gas line installations. We also pull the required permits with the gas department agencies for the customer's peace of mind knowing that the job is done correctly. Many people do not understand how dangerous gas line installations can be if not installed properly. We provide gas lines installations for the following items in your home:
Gas Grills, Gas Stoves, Gas Fireplaces, Gas Log Lighters, Gas Lanterns, Gas Water Heaters, Gas Furnaces, Gas Pool Heaters and Whole House Gas Line Re-pipes.


Our Capabilities